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What are the uses of alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth and what should we pay attention to?

What are the uses of alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth and what should we pay attention to?

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth exists in every corner of our lives, the frequency of use is more and more common, then alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth we know what kind of products used in it? What exactly does it do? The following small series to introduce what is alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and the main uses. What is alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth? As the name says has very good alkali-resistant function, to alkali or alkali-free glass fiber as a basis, through the treatment of alkali-resistant coating obtained; Both heat preservation, impact resistance, good viscosity kneading, alkali resistance and other functions, is widely used in construction projects, such as asphalt pavement, exterior insulation board, fire board.


Wolfe of Ganzhou is a better choice. It is a global partner in the field of industrial textiles, but also an innovation partner in the field of industrial textiles, can be based on customer needs to provide applicable solutions. Ganzhou Wolfe is primarily oriented towards the construction and industrial markets and can use fiberglass yarns, synthetic and natural fibres to provide suitable solutions based on a variety of textile and coating technologies. The following small series mainly through alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh in the actual application of the further explanation, so that we can understand the use of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh notice and process construction. Use Precautions: we should pay attention to the size of the reserve, because the pre-long can ensure that will not scrap, if the short case, there is scrap or re-cut the case; Cut the environment smooth and clean, cut the net cloth in a roll way to preserve, do not allow folding or trampling. Process Construction: first finish the surface of the polymer mortar coating, and then the alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth evenly arranged on top, bending face inward, began to smooth around, make sure the mesh cloth is embedded in the polymer mortar; alkali-resistant glass mesh cloth should avoid being washed and hit by rain water after being kneaded and kneaded. If the weather can not be guaranteed, make the relevant protection work, in terms of time, it is not allowed to rain for four hours. Wolfe Ganzhou designs, manufactures and distributes high-function materials to provide innovative solutions for consumers. These materials and solutions are found in all aspects of construction, transportation, infrastructure and industrial applications and are relevant to our daily lives. If you are interested, please contact Ganzhou Wolfe.

Ganzhou Wolfe Trading Co. , Ltd. is a large Chinese manufacturer and exporter of fiberglass and its products, our main products are fiberglass yarn, fiberglass mesh cloth, fiberglass industrial cloth, fiberglass self-adhesive tape, fiberglass fire blanket, fiberglass-covered aluminum foil self-adhesive cloth, etc. , welcome Chinese and foreign customers to negotiate procurement.

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