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What is the construction method of fiberglass mesh cloth

What is the construction method of fiberglass mesh cloth

1, the original building or new building wall surface treatment must be clean, and check the wall flatness and verticality, the maximum deviation is not more than 5mm, excess parts should be chiseled or with polymer cement mortar repair leveling.

2. The polystyrene board surface smears the bonding material (the bonding agent) the spot bonding method: the polystyrene board around smears a circle of bonding material, plate bonding point surface bonding method: full-face smearing bonding material

3, the polystyrene board should be pasted gently kneading, even extrusion, and at any time with the pallet check vertical leveling. The board and the board squeeze tightly, do not smear the bonding material at the contact seam. Paste polystyrene board should be done up and down wrong seam.

4. Screw the special screw (anchor bolt) to the polystyrene board plane.

5. WIPE the surface of polymer mortar (face mortar)

6. Spread glass fiber mesh cloth large mesh cloth along the horizontal stretch flat, with a trowel from the middle to the upper and lower sides of the mesh cloth will be wiped flat, so that the bottom layer of polymer mortar close.

7. Surface batch coated polymer mortar (plastering mortar) l before the bottom layer of polymer cement mortar set, plastering layer of polymer mortar, mortar mix ratio with the bottom layer of polymer cement mortar. Plastering thickness to cover the grid cloth is the standard, about 1-2 mm.

8. Stick face brick stick face brick, face brick weight does not exceed 20kg/m2.

9, the completion of the external insulation layer can be based on the requirements of the user paint coating and other external decorative layer.

Expansion data :

(1) the base should be firm and flat, the surface flatness should not be more than 5mm, the Bulge, hollow and loose parts should be eliminated and smoothed with 1:3 cement mortar.

(2) the surface of the base should be clean, free of oil, wax, mold release agent, water repellent, paint, weathering, dirt, Frost, soil and other materials that hinder the bonding, and if necessary, rinse with high pressure water, chemical cleaning, grinding, sandblasting and other methods to remove dirt and paint.

(3) when the old wall surface is mosaic or ceramic tile, all the veneer layer should be checked, the hollow part should be eliminated and filled with 1:3 cement mortar.

(4) for the base course with too dry surface or high water absorption, such as clay brick wall, aerated concrete wall and cement mortar plastering layer, the paste test should be done first, the test was carried out as follows: paste the EPS board with the external thermal insulation system, remove the EPS board in 5 minutes, and put it back in place again, otherwise, indicating that the grass-roots too dry or water absorption is too high.

(5) for the base wall is too dry, should spray water wetting. Water spray should be in accordance with the EPS board before the different base materials timely, should be used spray pump or sprayer spray water, do not spray water excess, not to the wall water.

(6) for the base course with high moisture or water absorption which affects the bond strength and construction, the interface agent or special mortar can be applied when necessary.

(7) for the examination and treatment of the basic-level walls, the relevant procedures shall be carried out according to the concealed works.

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