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What's the difference between weaving fiberglass 7268 with 68 * 1 or 34 * 2 yarns?

Difference 1:

68 * 1 is a single-ply yarn, the twist should be less than 40 twist/meter, in weaving, used as weft yarn, the price should be cheaper than 34 * 2 yarn. 34 * 2 is a two-ply yarn with a twist of 90-110 twist/m, used in weaving both as a warp and as a weft, with tensile strength greater than 64 * 1.

 Difference 2:

68 * 1 yarn is one-way twist yarn, there is twist stress (tension) , 34 * 2 yarn is two-way twist yarn (or, in the process of yarn formation, added twist in the opposite direction twice) , its twist balance, there is no twist stress. Therefore, with 68 * 1 yarn weaving cloth there is distortion stress, the smoothness of the cloth will be affected.

34 * 2 yarns are made by combining two 34 * 1 yarns with a“Z” twist of 110 twist/m and a“S” twist of 110 twist/m. in addition, a cloth made of non-twisted yarns is more permeable to resin than one made of twisted yarns.

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