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How to distinguish the quality of fiberglass mesh cloth

The grid cloth application most place is the construction industry, the product quality directly related to the building energy saving situation, now the grid cloth one of the best quality is the glass fiber grid cloth. So how do you know if a fiberglass mesh is good or bad?

1, whether the weight of the product weight enough weight.

2, material is true whether the material of the product is true, to prevent Replace the beams with rotten timbers, will imitate the gold pot when the gold pot to sell.

3, the number of meters to do the product of the number of meters to do the full rice, this short rice situation occurs from time to time.

4, the shaping of the standard product is standard, the amount of plastic on the grid cloth is sufficient, on the glue more shaping.

5, width up to standard product width whether to meet customer requirements width, and so on!

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