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Classification of glass fibers in China

Classification of glass fibers in China

Definition of fiberglass industry

Manufacture of glass fibre and articles, it refers to the manufacture of inorganic non-metallic materials with excellent properties, such as pyrophyllite, borotinite, etc. , by screening, cleaning, grinding, high temperature melting, drawing, winding, weaving and so on. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China “Classification and codes of national economic sectors”(GB 4754-2011) , china classifies the manufacturing of fiberglass and fiberglass-reinforced plastic products (C306) in the non-metallic mineral products industry (NBS code C30) , with a statistical 4-level code of C3061.


Classification of fiberglass industry

Glass fiber is a kind of functional material made of molten glass with excellent properties. According to the standard class, it can be divided into E class, S class, C class, a class, D class, etc. According to the size of monofilament diameter can be divided into roving, spinning and electronic yarn and other three series. The roving is often compounded with resin to make glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) , and the spinning yarn can be made into glass fiber textile products, the glass fiber cloth made of electronic yarn is mainly used to make copper clad laminate for printed circuit board.

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