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What are the uses of fiberglass mesh?

What are the uses of fiberglass mesh?

Glass fiber mesh fabric is based on glass fiber woven fabric, by high polymer, sub-anti-emulsion immersion coating. So it has good alkali resistance, flexibility, as well as latitude and longitude high tensile strength, can be widely used in building insulation, waterproof, crack resistance and so on.

The fiberglass mesh fabric is mainly made of alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh fabric, which is made of medium alkali-free fiberglass yarn (the main component is silicate, which has good chemical stability) and is twisted with special structure-leno weave, after high temperature heat setting treatment such as alkali-resistant liquid and reinforcing agent.

Main properties and characteristics:

1. Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, resistance to cement corrosion, and other chemical corrosion; and resin adhesion, soluble in styrene and so on.

2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.

3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, flatness, not easy to shrink deformation, good positioning.

4, good impact resistance. (because of the high strength, toughness)

5, anti-mildew, anti-insect.

6. Fire Prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, insulation.

The main uses are widely used in:

1) wall reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber wall mesh, GRC wallboard, EPS insulation board, Gypsum Board, etc.) ,

2) reinforced cement products (such as Roman columns, flue, etc.) ,

3) granite, mosaic special mesh, marble back-laid mesh,

4) waterproof roll cloth, asphalt roofing waterproof,

5) reinforced plastic, rubber products of the framework material,

6) fireproofing board,

7) wheel base cloth,

8) highway geotextile,

9) construction with seam bands and so on.

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