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What are the common specifications of fiberglass mesh cloth?

The conventional specifications of fiberglass mesh cloth are 5mm × 5mm, 4mm × 4mm, 3mm × 3mm. Each roll of blister packing, four or six rolls of a carton, a 40-foot cabinet can hold 80,000-150,000 square meters.

Width of each roll: 1 m-2 m color: white (standard) blue, green or other color packaging: each roll blister packaging, four or six rolls a carton, a 40-foot cabinet can hold 80,000-150,000 square meters. Special specifications and special packing can be made according to customer's order.

The use of fiberglass mesh cloth, is generally prepared using polymer mortar, used to enhance the wall, and cement products used for strength, do granite, mosaic special mesh cloth, marble back-bonded mesh cloth. It is also often used as a waterproof roll cloth, and the roof of the leak-proof special glass fiber mesh cloth.

Inner and outer wall insulation inner and outer wall insulation alkali resistant glass fiber mesh is based on alkali or non-alkali glass fiber mesh fabric and coated with modified acrylate copolymer glue. Light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, anti-cracking, size stability and so on. Can effectively avoid the surface tension of the entire layer of plastering shrinkage and cracking caused by external forces, thin mesh cloth is often used for wall renovation and insulation.

Mesh: 5mm * 5mm, 4mm * 4mm G: 80G--165g/m2 width: 1000mm--2000mm length: 50m-300m or as requested.

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