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The company focuses on the production and development of glass fiber, fabrics and products, is a well-known green building materials glass fiber and glass fiber composites production service providers.

Ganzhou Wolfe Trading Co. , Ltd. is a large Chinese manufacturer and exporter of fiberglass and its products, our main products are fiberglass yarn, fiberglass mesh cloth, fiberglass industrial cloth, fiberglass self-adhesive tape, fiberglass fire blanket, fiberglass-covered aluminum foil self-adhesive cloth, etc. , welcome Chinese and foreign customers to negotiate procurement.



Semi-finished product




Glass fiber twisted yarn

Fiberglass mesh cloth

Fiberglass fire blanket

Fiberglass self-adhesive tape masterroll

Fiberglass aluminum foil self-adhesive tape

Fiberglass self-adhesive tape

Fiberglass aluminum foil cloth

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